STYRYKE FIT knows that one of the significant fundamental elements to exceptional running apparel is fabrics; this is the reason we have sourced high-quality, leading fabrics to make our collection. 

MOISTURE WICKING - Our technical wicking fabric draws moisture away from the skin towards the outer layer of the fabric to keep you dry and comfortable while running. Our technical fabrics have an engineered cross-section structure and an increased surface area, allowing for a more significant absorption of water to move away from the skin, promoting a quicker evaporation rate. Not only do the capillaries in the fabric allow sweat to flow out, but they also allow air to flow in, keeping you cool while running. For a runner, the moisture-wicking technology is extremely important in many aspects, it not only keeps you cool and dry but also minimises the effects of chafing and maximises comfort.


FOUR-WAY STRETCH - Our 4-way stretch fabric is engineered to stretch in all 4 directions, crosswise and lengthwise. The flexibility in the fabric gives a greater range of motion, contouring the body and providing comfort while running.


COMPRESSION - Our compression fabric supports your muscles by tightly fitting around the most worked areas on your body. This compression aids your performance by keeping the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain. It also can lessen vibration within the muscles to help relieve pain from muscle soreness and reduce the time taken for repair. STRYKE FIT has sourced fabric with the perfect levels of compression and comfort for our running apparel. Our fabric is constructed to allow for a high stretch, balanced with compression properties.


COMFORT - Comfort plays an essential element in the success of any run. We’ve sourced technical performance fabrics that feel like a second skin with high coverage. Fine yarns and a tight-knit structure make the fabric feel lightweight and unrestrictive, promoting freedom of movement.